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Eye eye! EyeSlices aid eye care

We can all, at times, suffer with dark circles under the eyes; redness; puffiness from sinus problems or allergies; tiredness from too much close-up computer work and struggling with any of these symptoms is not conducive to feeling at your best.

Traditional solutions have included cucumber slices and cold, used tea bags…well, things have moved on. EyeSlices are hydrogel pads that release moisture and active ingredients around the eye area to significantly reduce dark circles, puffiness or tired eyes. They are natural and are manufactured using a non-toxic process and combine the finest organically certified plant extracts from South Africa, France and the Swiss Alps.

Available in four varieties, each pack of eyeSlices can be used for up to five times for ten minutes each session and last for two weeks after opening. Each pack costs £12.95 for one pair of treatment pads. www.peak-nutrition.co.uk

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  • alphonseemmerec's Comment alphonseemmerec Posted On: Dec 23rd, 2013 at 14:14

    Now there is one more compound that I discovered that addresses the fluid removal
    problems. Discoloration is formed by blood leaking inyo
    the eye from a fragile annd rapidly deteriorating capillary system, and from an
    impaired ability to remove the gathering hemoglobin.
    Soak soe chamomile tea bags in hot water, then rinse in cool water
    to creatte an eye-pack.


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