Cheesy salute to the Royal Wedding

This special Royal Wedding Cheese Cake comprises five layers of whole circular cheeses (all produced in the UK) and weighs a total of 5.6 kg – ideal for serving 50-60 people at a cost of about £2 per person. The cheeses used are Strathdon Blue; Wild Garlic Yarg; Elmhirst; Celtic Promise and Tymsboro’. The first three layers are separated by wedges of Montgomery’s cheddar, which act as ‘pillars’ to support the structure.

Tymsboro’ – is from Avon, and is an unpasteurised goat’s milk cheese with a delicate, complex taste, full of sweet, nutty, creamy flavours. Celtic Promise is from Dyfed in Wales. It is washed in cider and has an orange rind, supple texture and spicy aromatic flavour. It has a strong ‘barnyard’ aroma and is superb with cider. Elmhirst is from Totnes in Devon. A triple cream cheese, handmade from Jersey milk by the Sharpham dairy, it is light and delicate when young, developing a rich and full-bodied flavour as it matures.
Wild Garlic Yarg is from Upton Cross in Cornwall. It is a cheese similar to Caerphilly but with a distinctive coating of wild garlic. Moist and supple texture with a light, citrus flavour. Strathdon Blue is from Ross & Cromarty in the north of Scotland, a ‘firm meaty blue’ and a prizewinning Highland Fine Cheese with a strong, creamy flavour and a deep, powerful finish.
Montgomery’s is from North Cadbury in Somerset. Made by the Montgomery family for generations, this cheese has won endless awards and is a flavoursome, nutty Cheddar.

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