Cellnovo insulin pump, coming soon….. !

Taking a fairly radical new approach to insulin pumping, this is a ‘patch pump’, so the instructions are given via a handheld device, while the bit with the insulin in it gets stuck to the body – there is no tubing between this and the pump. The handheld sends information via Wi-Fi to the bit parked on your body, telling it your bolus rate or the amount of basal to apply.  The handheld is a full-colour screen, very similar to the iphone or other top-notch phones with touch-screen capability. You can change an individual bolus without having to change all the others. You can access the on-board food database and you can log in activity. Blood tests are done and stored on the handheld so that bolus calculations can be made directly based on the blood test result.  On-board software shows graphs and other overviews to give you the complete picture (in colour). The Cellnovo pump is not yet available but will be out later this year.


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