Jan 2011 newsletter news: Healthy and delicious recipes

Magazine food pages often call for clean flavours and healthy ingredients and should be an antidote to the excesses of the festive season. This collection of recipes delivers on taste and looks stunning on the page as well as embracing hard working, nutritious ingredients from Pink Lady Apples to ruby red beetroot, flavoursome shallots and peppery radishes.

Recent research by Warwick University’s HRI revealed that Tenderstem broccoli is so tender that it requires almost no cooking — great news for health conscious consumers looking for a quick and easy vegetable that delivers great taste, perfect texture and has nutritional attributes, such as
containing twice the vitamin C content of the equivalent fresh weight of oranges and has a higher concentration of vitamin C than both cauliflower and cabbage.

It also contains excellent levels of carotenoids — no other type of broccoli demonstrated higher levels of carotenoids than Tenderstem broccoli, which are thought to help with both fighting the risk of cancer and the risk of heart disease, and is full of folic acid as well.

Stir fried prawns and Tenderstem with oriental seasoning (pictured) combines Tenderstem with garlic which stimulates the immune system, helps the body de-toxify, is a good antiviral and is also thought to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. For the full recipe (and many more) download the brochure or visit www.tenderstem.co.uk/recipe-detail.php?id=49

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