December 2010 newsletter news: Pills or food?

Not everyone thinks that you should take a pill to address all health issues. Not everyone is convinced by the use of supplements, even though it’s a booming market with many supplements claiming convincing medical evidence to back them up.

Turn Back Time, a company specializing in arterial health and anti-aging has set up a unique free online resource to help people replace expensive health supplements with real food. The Food Standards Agency advises that, “Most people should be able to get all the nutrients they need by eating a varied and balanced diet”. This new online resource will help people achieve that goal.

The online calculator uses a comprehensive database to help calculate how to obtain the vitamins and minerals the body needs from real food. The user simply puts what’s in a specific supplement, and the calculator will make suggestions for the equivalent nutrient in real food.  It could be useful for people that are intolerant to certain foods and who need to replace the vitamins or minerals those foods would have provided. The ‘pills or food’ calculator could also help people save money by getting their vitamins from their natural food rather than paying for supplements.

The free online calculator can be accessed at

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