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HbA1c Converter

HbA1c results are currently given as a percentage. However, the way in which HbA1c results are reported in the UK is changing. From 31 May 2011, HbA1c will be given in millimoles per mol (mmol/mol) instead of as a percentage (%).

To help make this transition as easy as possible, all HbA1c results in the UK will be given in both percentage and mmol/mol from 1 June 2009 until 31 May 2011.

This new way of reporting results will just be a different way of expressing the same thing. For example, the equivalent of the HbA1c target of 6.5 per cent will be 48 mmol/mol. The fact that the number is higher does not mean there is more glucose in your blood.

Diabetes UK has developed an online HbA1c converter to help you work out your new value:

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  • Geoff Billson's Comment Geoff Billson Posted On: Feb 4th, 2011 at 17:19

    Please note the diabetes.co.uk website does not convert from a percentage to mmol/mol, it converts to mmol/l which unfortunately does not coincide with any measure currently used by the nhs.


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