Dose application for Docs doling out insulin

Novo Nordisk has introduced NovoDose, a mobile insulin dosing guide for physicians to look up dosing guidelines and blood glucose goals for their patients with diabetes. The guide is available as an application on iTunes and is specific to Novo Nordisk’s modern insulin analog portfolio: Levemir, NovoLog, and NovoLog Mix 70/30.

Through a series of questions with easy touch-screen answers, NovoDose allows doctors to select the type of insulin they want to research, review suggested guidelines for dosing, titration and even blood glucose goals for their patients. The app also provides important safety information on the products and only those who self-identify as healthcare professionals can download the app.

This new technology is part of a trend of physicians – particularly in the USA — using hand-held devices (i.e., PDAs or SmartPhones) when treating their patients. According to a survey conducted by Manhattan Research of nearly 2,000 physicians:
• 70% say their PDA/SmartPhone is “essential” to their practice
• 81% want more apps related to their specialty.

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