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Diabetic diet (diabetes and diet)

A note from Sue Marshall, who designed the Desang kitbag range:

“There are many people who talk about diabetes diets, but I have only added links to sites here that seem sensible to me. There is a lot of debate about diet and a lot of confusion. I still see some major diabetes organizations encouraging people with diabetes to eat more carbohydrates, or indicating that people with diabetes can use sugar, although in moderation.

“In my experience as a diabetic, the less sugar you have and fewer carbs you can get by on, the healthier you will be. If you eat cakes and really sugary things, you will not have good control and you will not battle the incremental weight gain that can come as a result of the regular meals, with regular carbs, that is part of diabetes management.

“Anyone who actually has diabetes knows that high-sugar and high-carbs directly result in high blood sugars. For example, despite current advice from some organisations, not all cereals are the same. Some have a lot of sugar in them and should be avoided or taken in small portions. Personally, I can only take orange juice as a means of treating hypos. It’s simply too sugary for me to drink. While I could have a small glass as part of a meal, I can quickly see from blood tests that it’s a high-impact sugar on my system.

“So please explore this section and look at the advice available, but to really know how these things work for you, keep testing your blood sugars and find out what works best with your own metabolism. Knowledge of the glycaemic index (GI) of foods is very helpful to those trying to manage their diabetes.”

See also our page on the Desang diary under Resources and Equipment, Accessories.


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