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Blood test meters

Most diabetics are now encouraged to self-monitor their blood sugars (also known as blood glucose) with blood test machines (also known as blood test meters, or even portable glucose meters. These are small battery-operated devices. To test for glucose with a typical glucose meter, place a small sample of blood on a disposable “test strip” and place the strip in the meter. The test strips are coated with chemicals (glucose oxidase, dehydrogenase, or hexokinase) that combine with glucose in blood.

The meter measures how much glucose is present in the patient’s blood. Meters do this in different ways. Some measure the amount of electricity that can pass through the sample. Others measure how much light reflects from it. The meter displays the glucose level as a number. Most new models can record and store a number of test results many of them store hundreds of test results. Most models now available can connect to personal computers to store test results or print them out. In the UK, there are about 30 available. Most do much the same thing, with some having certain specific features and benefits which we try to include.

If you know of a good meter that’s not listed on this website, please let us know with an email to info@desang.net

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