How Family History Impacts Type 2 Diabetes Development

Type 2

An Australian study into family history has uncovered a strong link with Type 2 diabetes. Scientists have widely believed that the development of Type 2 diabetes is both genetic and lifestyle related. However, exactly how much either of those two factors impacts one’s predisposition to diabetes is unclear. As such, a group of Australian researchers set out to find out how family history factors into Type 2 diabetes, according to an article from the New York Times. Those researchers recruited 41 men and women, half of which had a history of Type 2 diabetes in their immediate families. The study participants were asked to overeat – to consume 1,250 extra calories per day, while eating a high-fat diet.

What the researchers found was that those with a family history of diabetes fared much worse. They gained more weight and showed greater insulin resistance after just one month. Those with a family history of diabetes gained 7.5 pounds, while those without the genetic link gained an average of just 4.8 pounds.

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